Frequently asked questions

Escritura (deeds), Fin de Obra, Utility bill, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and inventory of items included in the sale. We can help you with most of these documents or put you in touch with the right people.
Once you have found your place in the Sun, you will need to obtain an NIE number (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero). It is impossible to purchase anything of value in Spain without this. You will also be required to open a Spanish bank account which can be done once you have found a property and takes literally a matter of minutes. Sensol Golf Villa Sales can help you to arrange both of these.
Sensol Golf Villa Sales always request 10% of the purchase price as a deposit which is held in a secure Client Account until completion. This deposit is non refundable to the buyer if they decide not to proceed with the transaction (unless a mortgage is involved). Should the seller withdraw from the sale then they are obliged to refund the 10% deposit plus a further 10% to the buyer.
Whilst not a legal requirement to employ the services of an Abogado (solicitor) in Spain, we would strongly recommend it to protect your interests. They will check that everything is in order with the legal paperwork, and that there are no debts attached to the property. You would not buy or sell a property in your home Country without a solicitor, so why do it in Spain, particularly when the contract will be in Spanish! Sensol Golf Villa Sales have details of solicitors which we can recommend to you.
Again, no it is not a legal requirement for a cash buyer but it is recommended, particularly if you have chosen an older property. Sensol Golf Villa Sales can recommend the relevant qualified people to carry out a survey on your behalf.
Both seller and buyer will have to pay legal fees to the solicitor which vary but you should allow around 1000€ for this. Plus Valia Tax is a Capital Gains tax payable by the seller (although this cost can be passed onto the buyer). Notary fees and IVA (similar to VAT) of 8% of the purchase price is payable by the buyer. As a buyer you should add around 10% to the purchase price of your property to cover these fees.
This really depends on a number of factors. Is there a mortgage lender involved for instance? If it is a straight forward cash transaction, then the completion date is usually agreed at the time of sale between the buyer and seller. This can be anywhere between 2 weeks from the time of sale agreed to 6 months, depending on individual circumstances.

For buyers we again offer a very personal service. We do not hijack you and spend days and days driving you around properties that are either (a) unsuitable for your requirements or (b) out of your budget. We discuss your requirements with you and match you to any suitable properties we may have. We do not pester you or put pressure on you to buy. We appreciate what a big decision buying a property, particularly abroad can be and it can seem daunting and stressful at times. Our aim is to take that stress away from you so that you can enjoy viewing properties at your leisure without it being a chore. We will assist you before you even arrive in Spain with any queries you may have and will work alongside you during the whole buying process and be involved as much or as little as need.